GTS and Pattern Bombing

These past two weeks have been INTENSE. I won a spot in this year's Global Talent Search (hosted by Lilla Rogers) so of course I had to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. It's been kind of nerve wrecking, there are hundreds and hundreds of super talented illustrators longing for that one coveted spot in Lilla's studio (two years representation! what?!). But now I have been able to relax and just take the experience as a learning experience.

The brief was superbly created. So much information, so much to think about. I have spent around 10 days working non-stop on this. My entire creative heart has been poured and I am really pleased with the results and quality of artwork I was able to produce. That's good enough for me!

The deadline is next Friday but I was able to organize my time wisely and finished yesterday. I submitted my image this morning. :)

Another exciting thing is going on right now, Make it in Design's global Pattern Bombing assignment! These are my two pattern bombs: