GTS - First Round Submission

My final piece for GTS. What an interesting experience, so many mixed emotions. So much time and hard work was put into this and that is what makes me the proudest. At the start of the assignment I had doubts....tons of them. And started doing icons and sketches in the style that I thought would please Lilla. Nothing came out feeling natural, it just wasn't me. After about three days of debating this madness in my head I talked to my husband, and to a wonderful MATS classmate (Adri!), and they basically told me that if I was doing this to try to win, to try to fit into Lilla's artist roster, then I was doing things wrong. And you know what? They were totally right. So I observed Antoinette's life, and kinda realized we had many things in common. Except for the pork chop thing. I let go, started to trust myself, my intuition, and things began to FLOW. So lesson learned. Be you. Don't try to copy, don't try to be somebody you are not. There is only one of you and that is just PERFECT.