Psychedelic Cephalopods

I've been so busy with GTS and unwinding from it these past several weeks! So I decided to go back to my Spoonflower's been a while! This week's theme is Cephalopods. Yup. Octopuses? Octopi? These amazing tentacled creatures who live in ocean depths. There are about 800 species of cephalopods, so it's actually a very broad subject. I wasn't drawn to this challenge initially, quite frankly these guys aren't that good looking. So I figured I would try doing them with a technique I used to work with years ago: water and Parker ink. It's a very fluid and hard way to paint but the phenomenal thing about it is precisely that! You never know what it's going to turn out like. The way the ink mixes with the water gives you a surprise every time. So here's my inky take on these inky creatures.