Music Inspiration for Artists - Underworld

Music is such an important aspect of my life as an artist and human being. I always have some sort of music playing whenever I am working, drawing on my iPad, drawing with micron pens, using Photoshop…traveling, eating…you name it! I can’t put into words what music does to me, how it has shaped my life, and how it has been a guiding beacon of light during the darkest times. I relish in the variety of sounds and genres out there, and even though rock and roll will be my number one love, I am drawn to so many other types of grooves, electronica being a really strong one! I have been a fan of Underworld since I was a young teen. You might know them from their huge hit, Born Slippy (Trainspotting) or simply as one of the most influential bands in the electronic and music world. These guys are BIG. So this is this week’s music recommendation for artists (or any music lover!), and I hope you dig it!